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PE greenhouse films; that are used to to prepare a

controllable environment and provide suitable

conditions for plant grow. They are produced in

dierent lifetime and in dierent properties

according to the regions, crop types, crop properties

and requirements.

Advantages of Polyethylene Greenhouse Covers

They are flexible and can be shaped, easily closed

greenhouse skeleton.

Application is cheaper and


Various alternetive of covers by production with the

usage of some additives like UV, AF, IR etc.

More economic than other greenhouse cover


Ileri Plastik Greenhouse Film Types

Ileri Plastik presents wide variety of film types

according to the usage types and needs of its


Custom Lifetime Greenhouse Films

Average performance, general-purpose greenhouse

covers with 9-12-24-36 and 60 months life-time that

are produced according to the user's request, habits

and expectations. These are economic greenhouse

films with standard additives or with optional

additives according to the user’s demand to meet

expected performance.


UV additives are used as mondatory on these films.

Besides, other additives (see Additives pages) are

optional as customer needs.

Professional Aimed Greenhouse Films

High-performance greenhouse films with high

mechanical properties that are specially developed

for the region, natural conditions, and the plants will

be grown under . These films contain product-specific

dierent standard additive packages in each product

group. Because of this, these films provides healtier

and high crop yield. Because of high mechanical

properties, they are more resistant to natural



At Professional Aimed Greenhouse Films, Thermic, EVA,

LD (except PRO36 CLEAR), AD and AF (except PRO

BIBER) are used as standard together with UV additive.

AS, AA and PR additives are optional.


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