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Installing The Film

• Film should be installed in the cool hours of the day,

preferably in the windless time.

• Film should be properly stretched, leaving the film loose and

excessive tension should be avoided.

• In the case of an accidental tear or hole during installation of

the film, repair tape prepared specifically for greenhouse films

should be used.

• After installation of the film, it should be stretched again after

becomes hot.

• The film that will not be used should not be left open and

exposed to sun, it should be wrapped again in its own

packaging and stored like that.

• Together with the label belong to roll, 1 m2 of film; such

that.product information, date,and time written on the film by

marking clearly to be read, should be kept as a witness sample.


• Warranty begins from the date of invoice if the materials are

sent directly to end-user.

• Warranty begins one month after the date of invoice, if the

materials are sent to dealers/distributors.

• The warranty period begins according to the above

mentioned conditions and ends when guaranteed lifetime of

the film completed.

• As noted above, the greenhouse cover has protective

chemicals against the degradation caused by sunlight.

• According to results of extensive researches; some chemicals,

used in greenhouses to protect plants, deactivates UV

stabilizers used in greenhouse film and this causes premature

degradation of the film. Therefore, in greenhouses, use of

chemicals, that contain sulphur, bromine, chlorine, fluorine

and petroleum-based chemicals should be avoided whenever

possible. Care should be taken for the plants and chemicals

used not to touch the film. Warranty will not cover the films

that have premature degradation caused by such chemicals.

Instruction Manual

Greenhouse films that are produced by Ileri Plastik,

during their lifetime indicated on the film, has

guarantee against UV degradation caused by sunlight

in case if it is complied with the handling, storage

conditions and terms of use as described below.

Handling And Storage Conditions

• Care should be taken during loading/unloading of

the rolls, rolls must not be moved by pulling or

dragging on the floor.

• Rolls should be stored in their original packagings in a

cool, dry place where no sunlight gets in.

• Rolls should be stored horizontally in a clean and


• Storage time should not exceed 6 months.

• Products must be checked before unloading, and any

non-compliance determined should be reported

immediately to Ileri Plastik by photo(s)

• Received materials should be checked if they are the

goods ordered and comply with specifications.

Terms Of Use

• All the surface of the construction/frame that the film

will be in contact with, must be painted with

water-based white paint. Oil-based paint must not be

USED. Since it will cause premature degradation, the

film must not be laid on rusty/oxidized surfaces.

• Care should be taken that there shouldn't be any

sharp, abrasive etc. structure on construction.

• PVC parts on greenhouse construction, in any way,

must not be in direct contact with the film.

• The greenhouse construction shouldn't be black or

dark colored. There shouldn't be any chemical residues

on greenhouse structure.

• If wooden structure is used, the surfaces should be

smooth. Care should be taken not to use wooden

frame with resin, and wood preservative chemicals,

such as tar,petroleum based presarvatives, sulphur

solutions must not be used on wooden frame. The film

should not be laid on these kinds of frames.

• Care must be taken not to have any sharp, abrasive,

cutting substances in the place where the film will be



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